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16 December 2020

The EU’s enthusiastic embrace of hydrogen risks undermining the clean energy transition and its newly-minted 2030 greenhouse gas target.

Blog by Tara Connolly, fossil fuels campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe - published on Climate Home.

15 December 2020

Vested gas interests and fossil hydrogen are winners from energy infrastructure proposal

The European Commission has thrown open the door to new subsidies to gas companies in new proposals to revise the rules governing energy infrastructure investments.

Communities are already experiencing the impacts of man-made climate change, especially in the Global South, but also increasingly here in Europe. The overconsumption of resources is contributing to the crisis and increasing inequality within and between countries.

Europe was largely responsible for causing climate change. Friends of the Earth Europe believes European and other rich industrialised countries must do their fair share to act first and fastest to combat it in ways that do not deepen social injustice.

Real solutions to climate change are available. We are working to strengthen a movement for climate justice and create a fossil-free Europe.

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