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15 December 2020

Vested gas interests and fossil hydrogen are winners from energy infrastructure proposal

The European Commission has thrown open the door to new subsidies to gas companies in new proposals to revise the rules governing energy infrastructure investments.

11 December 2020

Substantial support for fossil hydrogen will worsen global warming warns Friends of the Earth

The European Commission is set to propose to continue EU support and subsidies for fossil fuel infrastructure when it unveils a new framework for future energy investment next week.

Friends of the Earth Europe works to prevent the extractive industries from destroying people's lives, the environment and the climate. We believe that resources should be utilised fairly and sustainably. Enforceable rules and practices are required to ensure that natural resources are a blessing, not a curse.


We are working to create the much-needed, fair and urgent transition to a fossil fuel free Europe by 2030 - dismantling the fossil fuel system and creating the just, clean energy future that people want and need.

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