9 June 2020

Insects are in decline across the world because of industrial farming and heavy pesticide use which are threatening food production, according to the Insect Atlas released today by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and Friends of the Earth Europe.

Insects keep the planet's ecological system running, and ensure our food supply - 75% of our most important crops depend on pollination by insects. Insects also improve soil quality and reduce plant pests by decomposing manure and dead plant matter.

28 May 2020

We're happy to present the impact of Friends of the Earth Europe in 2019 in our Annual Review.

This Annual Review rounds-up highlights from our network of grassroots member organisations across Europe and our European office - including a never-seen-before year of pan-European climate protests; major mobilisations for Good Food Good Farming; a major victory on a fossil-free European Investment Bank; the European Green Deal; plan for a Just Transition in multiple countries; wins for forests and nature, and more.

It also provides detailed financial information for 2019.

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