Livestreaming farm visits in Denmark

3 June 2020

We've said before that the best way to learn how to fix our food and farming system is to get your hands dirty.

But with coronavirus travel restrictions in place in Denmark, NOAH/Friends of the Earth Denmark set up the next best thing – interactive online farm visits where young people can learn about sustainable farming.

During these livestreamed visits, Ungdom NOAH/Young Friends of the Earth Denmark activist and current agricultural worker Linne Valling Rasmussen has been running online tours of her farm.

The streams have been interactive, with a theme for each and which participants can continuously debate and ask questions about.

So far, viewers have learned:

  • How complex and full of microorganisms healthy soil is.
  • How and why small-scale farmers actually feed most of the world, although we are often told that it is the other way around
  • How regenerative agriculture (re)generates soil fertility
  • How if we want regenerative agriculture, we will need many more people working in the field. This means that we need to make working on farms a much more prestigious job, which requires that people pay more money for their food.
  • That the best way to become a farmer is... to start growing, wherever you are!


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