13 March 2020

Young Friends of the Earth Europe is seeking a Project Coordinator

Deadline: 7th April 2020

8 March 2020

Ungdom NOAH/Young Friends of the Earth Denmark continued their series of food sovereignty road trips with four Sustainable City Tours across the country.

How do we teach young adults about food sovereignty during the long Danish autumn and winter? How do we talk about food and supplies with short production chains when all food in winter is shipped in from far away?

4 February 2020

Last summer, Young Friends of the Earth Europe, together with BUNDjugend (YFoE Germany) held a 9-day training event: 'Training for Trainers: Inclusive Climate Justice Work'.

We ran workshops on addressing racism, centering feminism, tackling power and recognising privilege - all designed to make our climate justice movement open and accessible to all so we can win.

25 January 2020

Last week, 40 young activists from Global 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria joined the largest food sovereignty protest in Germany - the "Wir-haben-es-satt" (we are fed up) demonstration.

The 10th edition of the protest took place in Berlin, with more than 25.000 people from various organisations and backgrounds gathering in the German capital to demand a just and sustainable agrarian transformation.

23 January 2020

The Court of Appeals in Oslo today made its judgement on the Norwegian climate lawsuit, which had been brought by a number of plaintiffs including Natur og Ungdom/Young Friends of the Earth Norway. While the Norwegian Court rightly upholds the Constitution which guarantees everyone's right to a healthy environment, it doesn't acknowledge the environmental boundaries breached by awarding 10 oil drilling licenses in the Arctic.


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