25 September 2019

In August, YFoEE and BUNDjugend (Young Friends of the Earth Germany) organised Camp for [Future], a climate camp in the coal-mining region in the west of Germany. This event became a huge gathering of young activists from all Europe, where they participated and ran many workshops and activities related to the social and environmental justice movement. We asked some of them about the global climate strikes, and reflections on their environmental activism.


20 September 2019

As part of the Growing Together project, (Young) Friends of the Earth Cyprus organised a series of screenings to introduce environmental topics that affect agricultural production – such as climate change – and introduce the idea of food sovereignty by revealing the stories of people that live in rural areas around the world and produce our food.

20 September 2019

From 5th to 6th September, a representative of each project partner of the project came to this meeting in Estonia. Two days where people could look back at what they have
achieved, think about the position in whcih the project is in now and where it is going. This gathering was the opportunity to share peer support and to learn for the remaining part of the project.

14 August 2019

During the Training for Traineers: inclusive climate justice work, four brave young adults ventured out in the Hambach forest and lived to tell their story.

29 July 2019

Members of Youth for Climate Cyprus, a young independent pressure group supported by Young Friends of the Earth Cyprus, met with the Cypriot Minister of Agriculture and Environment, Mr. Kostas Kadis, on 8th July. These representatives handed over to the Minister a letter which showed a long list of arguments to react to Climate Change.


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