20 May 2012

For the past three years, I have always been attending the yearly sessions of the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, as part of the Young Friends of the Earth delegations. This time, I didn’t travel to Bonn and decided to follow the negotiations from home instead. I have to admit that I had very mixed feelings when I took this decision. I was sure I would miss the familiar halls of the Maritim Hotel, where the conference takes place each year, or the cosy atmosphere at the Max Hostel, which always becomes a hub for young climate activists from around the world during the time of the Bonn climate talks.

16 May 2012

Busy days at the UN climate negotiations, and YFoEE is here to remind delegations to the urgency for action and the principles of global equity and justice.

by Marco Cadena, YFoEE Climate Justice Working Group. Twitter: @MarcoCadena99


16 May 2012

Young Friends of the Earth Bavaria in Germany have been campaigning against the expansion of airports in Germany. Florian Sperk tells us about the campaign against a new third runway at Munich airport.

Written by Florien Sperk, Young Friends of the Earth Bavaria

Since the first nationwide anti-noise demonstrations took place last October in Frankfurt, rumours of an emerging national movement against airport expansion have grown. So what's up in Germany?

15 May 2012

Written by Adela Nistora

"There is a place where heaven and earth share the same stage..."

Let me take you on a journey. Open your mind to see and experience the beauty and drama of a unique and vulnerable place. Let your imagination spread its wings. Now fly with me.


11 May 2012

Written by Grace Herbert, Young Friends of the Earth Ireland

YFoE Ireland recently had their Annual General Meeting (AGM) (see photos here: http://on.fb.me/IZlpPW). It took place in Seomra Spraoí in Dublin, an autonomous social centre, which served us beautiful vegan food for lunch and dinner. The AGM was an opportunity for young environmentalists to give their input into the direction in which they would like YFoE Ireland to focus. It was also an opportunity for us to learn more about YFoE, the work it does, the campaigns it runs and how the organisation hopes to grow.


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