1 January 2012

She is young, responsible and a friend of the Earth. I met her at YFoEE Summer Camp 2011 in Hungary where she was helping the FoE Hun­gary team to organise the summer camp. Besides her wonderful help, she created an amazing movie of the summer camp in Ónod! This time we get to know Zsuzsa Földes (age 23), FoE Hungary, a bit better.

Your belief or motto?

Just do what you are interested in, you are not crazy.

1 January 2012

"What do you feel when you buy food?" – was what Mario la Rosa (29), from Sicily, Italy, asked me. I have known him for several years and I am still impressed by his devotion to the topic of food and agriculture in his everyday life and the changes he creates by his work everyday. He opened my eyes that buying a car and food is not the same and I started to wonder where my food comes from and what values I support when I buy it.

31 October 2011

A delegation of young climate activists gathered in front of the Environment Council today, to hand their demands to the ministers and representatives of the Polish and Austrian environment ministry. The activists pushed youth, disguised as politicians, towards more ambitious climate targets with a giant Cent coin.


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