One week on Caerhys Organic Farm

12 January 2018

Former agri-activism volunteer Tosca Boot describes an average week during her placement

Let me take you on a little trip to the beautiful place in the middle of nowhere called Caerhys Organic Farm. Here you work hard, make friends, learn lots and make an impact.

I spent two months in a caravan with a perfect view, harvesting vegetables and joining Gerald in his campaigns.

As I wrote in my blog, we mostly had a lot of GOOD FUN and every week was different. But to give you a little idea how an "average" week would look like, here it is:


The caravan the agri-activism volunteers stay in on Caerhys farm. Photo: Costas, 2017 

Let's start on Monday – You would wake up quite early, to start harvesting beans in the polytunnels at 8 am. On these morning most of the volunteers would still be rubbing the sleep out of their eyes and all agree on not speaking for the first 20 minutes. You would spend the morning harvesting some vegetables and doing a lot of weeding. Around 14:00 you put down the work to spend the rest of the afternoon cooking the best meals with your organic vegetables, going for a swim or joining Gerald on an adventure (they always just come up).


Growing crops on Caerhys farm. Photo: Juta, 2017 


Tuesday – YFoEE day. You go out to St. Davids, the closest town, where you drink a good cappuccino and use the Wi-Fi of a café. Time to work on campaigning, planning an event or writing a blog. With a bit of luck, Gerald would give you a ride back home and stop along the way to take you to an event, meeting or another adventure!


Beach views in Pembrokeshire. Photo: Costas, 2017


Wednesday – Harvesting in the morning, campaigning in the afternoon. Somewhere in this day a bull would escape and cause chaos on the farm. You might also have to entertain one of Gerald's 6 grandchildren or dogs during the day. Of course there would be time for a swim, a walk or some shopping.


Volunteers on the farm. Photo: Juta, 2017


Thursday – Would look like Wednesday, maybe with a bit more harvesting. Preparing for Friday! Also, Tuesday night is UKULELE PIRATES NIGHT!! Gerald drives up to Solva to drink a beer and listen to a group of friends who play the ukulele together – and you are always welcome to come (and join in!).


Ukulele Pirate Night. Photo: Juta, 2017


Friday – Harvest day and Box-day. This is the most important day of the week when it comes to harvesting. The members of the community sharing agriculture will come to pick up there boxes from 1 pm onwards, so they need to be filled. As many vegetables as possible will be harvested, weighed and distributed over the boxes. This is also one of the most satisfying days! You would be so happy harvesting the beautiful big beetroots and putting one in each box.


Veg boxes for the community supported agriculture project. Photo: Costas, 2017


Saturday & Sunday – Weekend yay! Are you going to surf? Hike? Thinking of going to a festival? Also, no problem if you have no plans yet, Gerald would always come up with something fun and knows everybody so he will get you in there with a discount...


Volunteer doing a backflip off a high cliff into the sea! Photo: Costas, 2017


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